September 2016

This is the first of our updates which we aim to post on a semi-regular basis. As development is a slow and steady process, we think, at this point, that we’ll report on those aspects of development as and when they evolve, rather than provide a weekly monologue of all the ‘usual’ things that go on.

The reports that we publish are to be written by the sitters, this is because the medium has very little recollection of the evening, and can not ‘see’ what is going on.

The energy built up very quickly and strongly whilst we were waiting for the sitting to start and in fact we started ten minutes early due to spirit team moving in so swiftly……they were very keen this evening!!

Our main Spirit communicator came through promptly and introduced the evening telling us we were joined by a Spirit Team that we had all recently sat with, reinforcing the message that we received from that team a few days earlier.

After they came through, we had a few hellos from other Spirit visitors and a member of our Spirit Team expressed their pleasure on how well the energy was developing. After a while we were asked to put on the red light, after sitting in complete blackout for a time, and to then draw back the curtains of the cabinet.

Transfiguration over the Medium was occurring but we all struggled to see clearly, so we were instructed to take the cover off the red light to increase the light source which enabled us to see much better, and we saw a great deal of activity on the medium’s face and body.

Firstly, we noticed the energy gave the impression that the medium’s feet were moving and that the whole body was levitating. The medium’s body thickened to more masculine proportions particularly around the shoulders and upper arms, we then noticed the hands becoming bigger.

The face at first was like a blank mask of energy but as soon as it settled it showed a number of faces in quick succession, morphing into one another, and we could all agree seeing the same features at the same time…..from strong masculine faces to smaller refined female ones. Finally in the last ten minutes of the sitting the hands lifted again for us to see very small almost childlike hands which after a few minutes morphed into larger more masculine hands which had pronounced knuckles.

We came to the end of our sitting after one hour and twenty minutes being called to time by our main communicator saying our thanks and goodbyes.

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