August 2017

Below follows a short summary of one of our recent sittings. The conditions were set to full black out. The sitting lasted for approximately 1hr20mins.

Very soon in the complete darkness there were beautiful spirit lights coloured creamy white and bluebell purple/pink, drifting in and out of sight like jellyfish. These lasted a few minutes.

Our main spirit communicator spoke with us for a few minutes and provided instruction for the use of the healing book.

About halfway through the sitting, we were instructed to turn the red light on. Then followed a further instruction to open the curtains of the cabinet. The person who opened the curtains described the energy inside of the cabinet as immense.

After the cabinet curtains were opened, the room appeared full of cobwebs or cotton wool like energy. One sitter reported seeing a definite movement in the energy around them, describing what they saw as a more solid/dense ball of this energy, approximately 20cms diameter, moving past them.

Transfiguration then occured, although it was seen differently this week, as the energy completely covered the head of the medium, with a clay like consistency, into which faces were ‘morphed’, giving a 3D effect.

Regular Spirit visitors were recognised, as well as new faces seen.


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