September 2017

This weeks sitting remained in total black out conditions at Spirits request. Many light touches and breezes were reported by the sitters and a smell that is believed to have been ectoplasm was also reported. Self-illuminating smoky energy was seen to fill the room, and different colored jelly fish like spirit lights were also seen in the darkness. Communication with our main Spirit friends occurred as normal throughout the sitting.

Cats seem to have been the theme of the day for the sitters and the medium, with reports of cats known to the circle in Spirit being seen throughout the day. At the very end of the sitting, the sitters felt movement against their lower legs, and were told that their cat friends were making themselves known. Afterwards, whilst discussing what had been experienced in the sitting, the medium reported clearly seeing a spirit cat walking through the front room.

Towards the end of the evening, a sitter who has been struggling with deteriorating vison asked for healing. Our main communicator asked the sitter to remain still, and the sitter closed their eyes. The sitter reports seeing blue Spirit light and that their eyes felt warm. They also report that the tips of their fingers were throbbing with waves of energy during the healing. The sitter states that when the sitting had finished their eyesight was definitely improved, particularly colour definition and clarity. They have also reported that their eyes appear to be further improved since sitting.

We thank the Spirit Team for all that they do, but especially for this healing.



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