January 2018

New Sitters, new experiences…

We had a new sitter start with us this week. It’s always very interesting to hear what is experienced by someone who doesn’t sit with us regularly as it could be easy to ‘get used’ to what is happening, and maybe see ‘too much’ etc. 

Our new sitter has taken the time to write up their first sitting with us, which was also their first ever experience of a seance:

I have always felt that people I could not see have been with me throughout childhood and later life and so the opportunity to sit with the Mercury Star Circle came about in a curious but seemingly perhaps pre-destined way.  It gave me a sense of joy to be with people for whom this is absolutely a natural fact. People from the spirit world are with us, beside us, along side us. Last night I saw this, and was so amazed to actually be experiencing these spirits in physical form that I was tongue tied and in awe.

I met the medium and members of the circle before we started the séance, to chat before we entered the room and sat down. I was shown the room beforehand. I should also mention that prior to arrival I had also read the written information given, so that I had some idea of what I should and should not do and little about why.

When we began, the circle was opened, we listened quietly to music initially with the red light on only. We then hummed and sang until two spirits arrived, each spoke in turn and then the initial spirit returned and spoke to us for longer. I did initially jump when I heard the first voice, but then beamed as I realised that somebody from the spirit world was actually speaking to us. When asked what questions I might have I then frustratingly became completely tongue tied and whether through feeling amazement or energies, Im not sure what, even with many questions I had previously had, very few would come to mind. It felt foggy to think and I felt although I just wanted to listen.

We did ask questions and a felt some relief that things I had felt seemed finally to be confirmed to me. Our spirit does live on and we are reincarnated, albeit not in a way that we would quite understand. Time is immaterial and just a human constraint. I learned more about the lives of the spirits who came to speak. That one did not realise he had passed and was visited by his father before he realised something was up. Spirits also do have a great sense of humour.

A sitter said they felt somebody brush past their hair. Then a few minutes later, as has been familiar to me before, I think I felt a spirit beside me.

We had another period of song and we turned off the red light at a spirits request. The sparkles in the room were intense. We were then told that we could turn the light back on. We focused then on the trumpet and energy or lights/sparkles seemed intense around the base. The trumpet then started to move and wobble. It became thinner and rose up and dropped, squashed down and up, continuously changing. The movement was amazing, which I think I may have just kept repeating, slightly self consciously. Any nervousness that I may have felt, at this point had completely evaporated.

Even though I knew that it helped the spirits to hear what we could see, what changes they are making, verbalising didn’t come naturally to me. Partly I think because I am a thinker not a speaker, a deep thinker…. When I saw black dark swirling to the right of the curtains I didn’t mention it, I questioned whether it was my eyes adjusting to the lights, but as time continued and it happened a few times I realised that it was happening and my eyes had been in the same lighting for such a period of time that I should trust what I was seeing.

The main spirit spoke again and asked that we open the curtains. What followed next was incredible as faces appeared over shadowing the mediums face. As I hadn’t brought glasses in to the room it was very difficult to distinguish faces but what I suddenly felt was that my initial first Love appeared to me, which I was totally surprised about because I just hadn’t been expecting to see him. Many faces appeared and thanks was given for their appearance. Then the mediums hands moved and the right hand looked enormous before both hands were placed down and again both hands grew to what appeared to be double their normal size.

We spoke again to the spirit after the curtains were closed again and I was very grateful that I had been graced with their presences.



1 thought on “January 2018”

  1. Feed back from the Circle Leader – Jan 31, 2018

    I was privileged to sit with the new sitter at their first ever physical sitting in blackout ( and all other varieties of mediumship such as Trance etc). The information given by the sitter is correct. It was an amazing first sitting together and our energies clearly blended with the existing energies that had built up over the years. The face that was overshadowing the medium was instantly recognised by the new sitter. I asked the ‘overshadowed face’ in question to nod if it was the person the sitter had referred to….soon after the head nodded up and down a couple of times confirming that he was indeed their Friend on the earth plane. Although we do not normally ask the Medium’s guide if that Friend was the name mentioned. The guide replied that it was the sitters friend. The guide felt that although he would not normally agree or disagree to such a question this was a special occasion and a positive reply was felt in order.

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